Enterprise mobile strategy

Xamarin introduced me and the team at Seamgen to one of the internal app development teams at Oracle. Initially, Seamgen was contracted as a development only task to create the Xamarin bindings for Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) API. This led us to also create the bindings for Oracle’s JD Edwards Business Suite API, and here’s where we saw a big UX opportunity.

The majority of applications we would be initially supporting with the JDE API were internal Oracle applications: just over 190 apps to be exact across iOS and Android. While all of these apps were Oracle branded, the brand execution, style and consistency varied wildly from app to app.

With the development and subsequent update and release of the JDE API we knew that some level of re-development was going to be necessary by Oracle.

Why not take this as an opportunity to update and unify the user interface?

What followed was a unified approach of all of their existing UI elements into once central library, powered by Xamarin.



Beyond oracle

Since the API we were creating was intended to be utilized not only by Oracle, but Oracle customers as well, the design language we created could easily be swapped for an alternate brand.


Beyond Oracle’s internal applications, I have a solid understanding of the business needs, limitations and possibilities associated with Oracle MCS and JDE API integrations. It’s a powerful toolset and when combined with an intuitive user experience, it can unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy for any enterprise level business.


My role

–– Product concept & strategy
–– Product management
–– Creative & UX direction
–– Video storyboard & script
–– Product pitch

Visual Design

Kyle Blackman

Motion Graphics

Fiona Mares

Xamarin Development

Nick McCollum